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UNGA 2022: Leaders call for GPI as an equitable and coherent solution to the colliding crises of our time



Equal International is a leading international development Think Tank and Consultancy based in the UK and South Africa.

Our mission is to foster structural change and equity via paradigm shifts and strategy advice.


In our practice, we strive to be mindful of intersecting power and privilege and the many structural barriers that exacerbate inequality and hinder equitable access to goods and services.

We use our expertise in cocreation, thought leadership and evidence-based advocacy to channel and amplify the needs and voices of marginalised groups, and to build capacity and transfer skills in the course of our work.

Think Equal

Think Equal

What we do

Think Equal uses its expertise and proven track record in ‘cocreation’ to intervene in policy debates in support of structural change and equity.

We are dedicated to

  • Using cocreation to help shift mindsets and to assist change-makers who seek structural impact on equality.

  • Reshaping policy alliances via new paradigms that reshuffle gridlocked fault lines.

  • Cocreating change by facilitating multisector, multistakeholder solutions.

  • Identifying the intersecting power, privilege, barriers and structures that underlie inequality. 


We work with our clients and partners to improve outcomes for marginalised groups through a range of strategic advocacy and programmatic approaches.



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We work with civil society organisations, NGOs, governments, multilateral agencies, philanthropic foundations and private sector organisations to resource, develop, implement and improve strategies that advance the needs of marginalised groups.

Our thematic areas of expertise include:


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Equal Consultancy works across the programme cycle to achieve real and lasting change. We are leaders in the application of the following tools and methodologies:

Strategic guidance and planning 
Theory of change
Influence and engagement
Resource mobilisation
Policy research and analysis
Campaigns and communications
Monitoring, evaluation & learning
Capacity building
Convening and facilitation
Shifting social norms


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