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June 2024

In February and April 2024, the finance ministers of the world’s 20 largest economies discussed a proposal to institute a 2% annual minimum tax on billionaires’ wealth. This paper explores the technical and political viability of this proposal in today’s world.

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Equal International’s response to the Norwegian Expert Group report ‘Investing in a Common Future’

October 2023

The Norwegian Expert Group report ‘Investing in a Common Future’ sets out recommendations to the Norwegian government to advance its approach to international cooperation, with particular attention to the role of financing for global challenges such as climate change. In our response paper we set out our recommendations to the Norwegian government, to adopt and build on the Expert Group’s recommendations using Global Public Investment principles as a framework for strengthening cooperation around global public goods.

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Advancing Global Public Investment (GPI)

Wilton Park Meeting Report

September 2023

As part of Equal’s ongoing thought leadership work on GPI, Equal convened a High-level Thought Leaders Working Group in partnership with Wilton Park (Executive Agency of the UK Government’s FCDO). The working group is an international, multistakeholder group including former decision makers, government agencies, civil society, southern-based think tanks, multilateral agencies and foundations. The group were brought together to cocreate answers to key questions on the political appetite and pathway for the adoption of GPI principles, to secure equitable financing and governance for a ‘global common good agenda’. The report captures key insights from the meeting including evolving political narratives and an international framework of principles, southern leadership, key policy windows for advocacy, pathways for piloting and early adoption, and the role of the private sector.

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Addressing 21 Century Challenges: Global Public Investment for the Common Good

Briefing Paper - High-level Thought Leaders' Working Group 

5–7 June 2023

Having convened the Expert Working Group on GPI, which concluded that the principles of ‘all contribute, all benefit, all decide’ can be the basis for cooperation in raising and disbursing the significant resources needed to address common challenges, Equal is partnering with Southern-based think tanks and Wilton Park to convene a ‘political cocreation’ process to support the adoption of a new framework. The questions and issues raised in this Briefing Paper provide a stepping-off point for the work of this partnership. This is the first in a series of events and the insights and outputs from this cocreation process will be shared and linked with the work of other stakeholders and networks more broadly to support cross-sector collaboration and advocacy. 


Expert Working Group Recommendations

The Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment (EWG-GPI) Recommendations is the product of an 18 month cocreation journey convened by Equal International, building on a global consultation. The Recommendations set out key pathways forward for the ongoing cocreation and realisation of GPI.



Advocacy on the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR)

Equal is working with partners to advocate for the principles of Global Public Investment (GPI) to be central in the formation of the World Bank’s new PPR FIF, to ensure that the new fund is equitable and fit for the modern era.



Concept Paper on GPI for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Equal convened a cocreation process with an interdisciplinary expert panel to develop a concept paper on Global Public Investment (GPI) for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (PPR). This foundational work helped to advance the technical and political feasibility of GPI for PPR as well as GPI governance as it relates to other critical global challenges more broadly.



Best Practice in Consultation and Cocreation

Equal was born out of treatment activist and health equity movements wherein the principle of “nothing about us without us” is central. We know consultation and cocreation are critical to good policies and programmes, so we developed this best practice resource to help codify participatory policy and programme design and ensure that Global Public Investment (GPI) is cocreated from the ground up.



Ford Foundation support for GPI

Strategic investment in Equal International’s strategy to continue to cocreate Global Public Investment. The project will support the ongoing development of GPI as a new approach to financing equitable access to vaccines.

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Global Public Investment

We have been supporting the thought leadership and cocreation of Global Public Investment (GPI) for over 4 years – a new vision for international cooperation, and are Secretariat to the Expert Working Group on GPI.

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Robert Carr Fund RFP 2021

We provide regular support the Robert Carr Fund, and supported the RCF to develop its Request for Proposals 2021, including building the capacity of its participatory grant making Committees.


Baring Foundation Safe to Be Me Fund

We supported the Baring Foundation to develop policy brief and technical annex to support advocacy for the development of an LGBT+ fund within the UK FCDO.


CSEM UNGASS Civil Society position paper

We supported the Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM) to develop a position paper on the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 containment strategies, which was presented at the 2020 UNGASS on COVID-19.


PITCH Protect the gains push for Progress

We supported Aidsfonds and Frontline AIDS to develop a PITCH partnership toolkit for advocating for HIV services in universal health coverage, in the context of COVID-19.

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